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Friday, December 18, 2009

you are beautiful :)

sepanjang cuti sekolah ni, agak-agak kalau ada masa lapang, korang cuba layan cerita drama Korea yang baru release kat Korea ni. tajuknya You're Beautiful aka YAB aka Minami Shineyo dalam bahasa Koreanya.

drama ni mengisahkan tentang seorang nun-to-be yang bernama Go Mi Nyu yang terpaksa menggantikan abang kembarnya yang bernama Go Mi Nam (kalau dalam bahasa Korea Go Mi Nam tu maksudnya 'lelaki hensem'.. haha poyo sungguh) dalam sebuah kumpulan band A.N.Jell. A.N.Jell ni satu group yang konon-kononnya sangat la popular kat Korea tu. Go Mi Nyu yang menyamar ni akhirnye terpaksa jugak gantikan abang dia tu dan tinggal serumah dengan ahli-ahli A.N.Jell yang lain.. Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shinwoo, dan Jeremy. cerita ni memang best giler dan mencatat rating 10.5 juta penonton di Korea sepanjang siaran cerita drama ni di sana. antara pelakon yang berlakon dalam drama feveret aku ni ialah Park Shin Hye (Go Mi Nam/Go Min Yu), Jang Geun Suk (Hwang Tae Kyung), Jung Yonghwa (Kang Shinwoo), dan Lee Hongki (Jeremy). korang boleh view trivia tentang drama Korea yang best ni kat Facebook Group. selamat menonton! huhu :)

picture of the month

this is my favourite pic. gambar ni diambil masa jamuan hari raya kat maktab. kebetulan diorang berdua ni pakai baju warna hijau. nampak sesuai sangat. tambah lagi masa tengah candid, kebetulan che yaya dengan babab punya ekspresi macam pasangan bahagia. huhu :) . look at their smiles... :). hope pada masa-masa akan datang aku dapat amek gambar macam ni lagi yang merakam ekspresi yang tak ternilai.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

photography and me

It's kinda weird to tell everyone that I love photography. But this is the truth I'm telling you : I'm craving for the best picture ever. I never had an idea on how I can have that sensation in this field, but maybe this is the reason : I got the chance to take pictures with an SLR in 2008. That is my first time ever in my life, and it's really an honorable and precious moment for me. Right up there are some pictures from that SLR that I had captured as my private collections.

I also posted a few of pictures that I captured by myself and friends. Just check it out at . Feel free to drop by there. It is a photo blog that is manage by one of my bestfriend, Aie.

welcome to my newborn :)

Alhamdulillah.. Here it is. My newborn blog, finally. Pain and gain make this blog is very worthy for me. I always wanted to publish and have created a blog, but it always seems to be a blank white blog without any post..since 2007. So I decided to start a new one, maybe this is not much that you can expect from me, but I'm really happy that this blog is finally done this year.

Talking about myself of course, I'm going to sit for my exam next week. And within two weeks, we will have our year end semester break. I wonder why the time is passing by so fast.. (sigh) and next year will be my second year of degree. How I wish I could turn back the time.. Sometimes I just feel that life can be so cruel.. and also sweetest than ever. That fate and destiny will lead us to our path.

Whatever it is, dear Allah, may You bless me with health and peace to go through my life. Amin..
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